• AIR WAYBILL Bill of lading for the air shipments
  • BILL OF LADING Bill of lading of the ocean shipments
  • I.A.T.A. International Air Transport Association. It’s the association that follows the air companies, passengers and cargo
  • PALLET / EUROPALLET Standard dimensions wooden support to transport the goods
  • ROUTING Route of the goods from the departure to the arrival
  • CUSTOMS TARIFF Custom tariff
  • CONTROLLED TEMPERATURE Controlled temperature method of storing and shipping goods in a determinate range of temperature in order to keep the quality of the goods cold/freezed.
  • DANGEROUS GOODS Goods considered dangerous at the purpose of transportation
  • FUEL SURCHARGE Fuel surcharge
  • SECURITY SURCHARGE Security surcharge
  • CLAIM Claim in case of damages/thiefts of the goods
  • STORAGE/WAREHOUSING Organisation that stores, divides and then ricombine for the outgoing shipments
  • CUSTOM DECLARATION Custom declaration document released from the custom that prooves the entry/exit of the goods, its quantities and its value