Dear Clients and Partners , We are moving!! On 19th march our main branch will move to a new location : C.T.I. Spa Via Mure, 45/c 31030 – Altivole (TV) Phone and fax numbers , e-mail addresses will remain the same . We will move over the week end ( 17 & 18th march) and we would like to give you our excuses if you will meet some problems to get in touch with us in those days . If necessary please feel free to contact us at our emergency contact numbers : - Massimo Elmi + 39 335 7407526 . - Paola Todesco + 39 335 8242461 . - Pierre Boldrin + 39 349 6610771 . Thank you so much for your attention and co-operation. Best regards C.T.I SPA FROM 19TH March 2012 VIA MURE, 45/c 31030 ALTIVOLE (TV) – ITALY
Rhesus 600b
Dear Sir, IATA's international organization that regulates air transport has changed the Rhesus 600B (conditions of contract on the back of AWB) through a process of approval by the bodies responsible in each state, the ending February 8, 2010 . IATA, to ensure that the AWB is consistent with the higher limits of liability required by the Montreal Convention by 30 December, is in any case trying to get the necessary government approvals and would announce the date of actual entry into force of the new conditions of contract as soon as he got the approval. Basically the main change that can interest in our clients is the increasing from 17 to 19 special drawing rights per kg. In the meantime we can still used our current stock of AWB, as long as we are doing is to warn operators and users of the new limits that will apply from 31 December 2009. As always we will inform you of the date of actual entry into force of this made and anything else that may involve and affect our Dear and Loyal clients. We take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Massimo Elmi CTI Spa
Dear Customers, following to our last most recent circular about " fuel surcharge" dated 28.11.2008, we would like to inform you decrements of the tax in object. We are this time to diversify our message because forced to point out to our remarkable customers big, incredible and unjustifiable differences of behavior that are assuming the several air carriers , some of which to our judgment are regularly and constantly applying the decrements of the cost of the fuel due to the "nosedive" that the cost of the oil is having constantly for a long time, while other carriers seem to ignore more or less intentionally this situation. Only for your understanding: we have received communication from Cargolux that beginning from 29th December the fuel surcharge tax they will apply will be equal to Euro 0,40/kg and from same date instead Lufthansa communicates they will apply fuel surcharge tax of Euro 0,75/kg!!!! As you can easily see and note we are not anymore in a position to be able to " generalize" due to the incredible diversities of behavior and therefore our company cannot do anything except guarantee that always and forever we will apply to own customers the correct amounts with the correct dates of application of every single carrier, trying also to favor and to privilege our / your choice of the carrier also based on theirs " honesty" favoring right and due savings in monetary terms. Since the world situation is extremely instable, unfortunately we propose to come back to this subject because of possible further new developments, and thanking You for Your kind and constant attention, we give You our best regards wishing to all of you Merry Christmas and Happy New year . C.T.I. Spa Massimo Elmi